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iPhone App review: Sync in a Blink

Want your Exchange account back from GoogleSync?  Still want to push calendars and sync contacts both ways?  Read more here.


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Bug Fixed! New calendar items can sync from iPhone to MS Outlook.

Quick note: I am happy to report that the iPhone can now sync correctly with MS Outlook completely.

Before iTunes 7.7.1 and iPhone 2.0.1, I had to enter calendar events on my iPhone as recurring events with repeat forever set and the same day as the end date. With the above mentioned updates, the workaround is needed no more. Events on the iPhone calendar will now sync (as they should have from day one) with MS Outlook without recurrence. Let me know if you are having a different experience or need help with the setup.

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Can the iPhone sync with multiple computers?

This was the question that I had before I purchased my iPhone 3G. Believe it or not, I asked over 5 different people at 2 Apple Stores and walked away more confused than ever. Granted, I searched the forums, so I was pretty confident that it would work, but I figured Apple employees would have the answer, right?

Wrong. Or at least 4 out of 5 gave me a “No”. Wrong indeed. Since purchasing the iPhone, I have been able to successfully synchronize my new favorite gadget to both my PC and Macbook. Here’s the catch: I’m only synching certain items from each computer. So, no, I don’t have music synching from both computers. That doesn’t seem possible to me without a major hack. Instead, I have my calendar and contacts working with my PC and all of my music, video, and apps from my Macbook.

Is this a feat worthy of a “Genius” label? Hardly. Just a bit of forum research and some common sense (thanks as well to the simplicity of Apple) led me to the setup. In iTunes, you’ll notice that each tab has checkboxes that allows you to choose which items you want to synchronize with your iPhone. On my PC, I chose calendar and contacts on the info tab, and on my Macbook, I chose all of the other tabs. Voila! Smooth synchronization.

For the record, I’m running itunes 7.7.1 and iphone 2.0.1, though I had this working under both 7.7 and 2.0.

If you need help on this, I’d be happy to answer questions or potentially film the process using my new Flip Mini!

ADD (8/13/08): This seems to be my “hit” post, so I wanted to reiterate that if anyone has any questions about this or other potential PC/Mac/iPhone problems, feel free to leave a comment. -DC

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