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iPhone App review: Sway

Use your multi touch iPhone in innovative ways in the game, Sway. Review here.


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iPhone App review: Big2Poker

My second review on Enjoy!

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iPhone App review: Tap Defense

tap cover

I’ve quickly found that my favorite games on the iPhone and in general are those that involve some strategy.  I was immediately drawn to Lux (a Risk clone), but after playing it for 2-3 days, I became bored with the limited number of options.  There’s a new paid Lux version (Lux DLX) that I may check out, but for $7.99, I’ll wait for a sale.

What’s keeping me occupied on the free end of the spectrum has been Tap Defense, a strategic game that pits you as the defender of the heavens fighting against creatures from hell.  Ok, once you get over that hokey storyline, you realize that the game boils down to some strategic placement of towers that have a variety of powers (arrows, bombs, ice, magic, etc.) and resource management since everything costs money.

The game features 42 levels, though I will admit that I haven’t been good enough to get that far.  It also has three difficulty settings, but I’m still stuck on easy.  Tap Defense is a great time waster, and you can save your game in between levels.  At first I thought you had to click on an ad to save the game, but that was just me misreading a banner message.  The game definitely saves your place in between levels.

tap defense screen

Lastly, here are some tips to get you started:

1)  You can get away with arrows early on – they’re cheap and effective.  Replace them when the monsters develop immunity.

2)  Definitely place your towers at opportunistic places like corners.  You’ll often get more than one opportunity to blast those devilish creatures.

3)  Try to save for the 2 halos and research the interest rate increase to make your money work for you (Suze Orman would surely agree).

Want more?  Try this site for a level by level guide.

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