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FFball 2008 – Oh yeah, it’s draft time!

Again, I apologize for this diversion from gadgets/reviews, but Fantasy Football is just one of those topics that I spend a lot of time on, researching, thinking about, and overanalyzing (sound familiar?), that I just have to dedicate a post on the upcoming season.

My family league had their draft earlier today, and I was stuck with the #9 pick. Now, I’ve always been one to take “Second Two” on the playground when choosing teams, so having the #9 and then the #12 pick intrigued me a bit. It seems to be the trend to pickup a stud WR and/or a QB at these spots, as the top tier RB’s would all be gone by #9. So, in our draft, somewhat expectedly, look who’s available at #9? Randy Moss. I know, I know, his numbers will not be anywhere close to last year’s, but c’mon, he’s the indisputable #1 wideout, and easily worth the pick over any other WR, QB, and 2nd tier RB. At #12, I needed a #1 running back, so I went with Marshawn Lynch. He’s supposed to get the bulk of the carries as well as some passes. I didn’t like the Dick Jauron factor (I have a few rules for my ffball teams: #1 = no Chicago Bears, #2 = no one that was formerly associated with the Bears, #3 = not too many players from one team, #4 = teams that will be .500 or above) involved with this pick, but I just had to get a back here.

With those top picks out of the way, I had some time to watch the draft develop. It was interesting to always think of drafting in pairs of picks. For example, on my next turn, I picked up Drew Brees (a solid QB1) and Steve Smith (whoops, I forgot about the 2 game suspension). There was no point in looking for any RB’s in my mind for the next few rounds. The best ones were taken, and the next group of good ones won’t be determined until the early to mid- part of the season (Waivers, baby!). With that said, I went after another receiver (Santonio Holmes) and a solid TE in Kellen Winslow (Interestingly, the other picks I was seriously considering – L.Coles and J.Witten – were sandwiched in between my picks.

The rest of my picks is a guessing game. Will Calvin Johnson get enough looks? Will Donald Driver bond well with Rodgers? Can the Deuce stay healthy? Will Burleson hang onto balls in Seattle? Can Mendenhall do Niles West and Illinois proud? Will I need to use my backup QB – Jason Campbell? How long will my kicker (M. Crosby) and my defense (Bucs) stay on my roster?

The season awaits. How did your draft go? Leave a comment or let me know how you think I’ll fare.

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