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Demo: Viral

Saw this as part of a presentation on online learning tools.  Pretty cool.

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Draft Sarah Silverman for SNL Weekend Update Co-Host

Well, this post came out of a Twitter request from the Tribune’s RedEye for possible replacements for Amy Poehler. Besides the obvious choice of Tina Fey returning, I really like the idea of recruiting Sarah Silverman to fill in until the end of the season.

She’s intelligent, buzzworthy, political, controversial, an SNL alum, has a decent voice, and is easy on the eyes.

Unfortunately, I just read her wiki and it mentions that she claimed to have been fired from SNL via fax. Ouch! Still, that was over 10 years ago. Forgive and forget? Leave a comment if you think she’d be a good choice. If this gets any momentum, we’ll see if we can get SNL and Sarah to kiss and make up.

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Cat in a Box: My official apology to “T and the Cats.”

I remember a time T and I were parked in our garage, and we had a minor tussle over whether the cats could respond to T’s voice when called. I claimed that it was purely coincidental, or the cats would respond to a certain sound rather than by their specific name. However, over the past year, after living with the cats on a daily basis, I have been officially converted into a cat believer. So, T, I apologize for doubting you and the cats. With that said, we proudly present to you the first of a series of videos featuring Jules the Cat.

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