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A new gadget on the horizon…

It’s about that time. A recent birthday has passed, and I haven’t purchased a major gadget since the iPhone 3G last July. That could be a record and a testament to how much I heart that thing. Anyways, netbooks have been on my radar, and the Samsung NC-10 seems to be at the top of the pack. A recent price drop on the ASUS S101 has brought that slim beauty to the forefront, but I’d be making some sacrifices (right shift key, smaller storage space, higher price) purely for looks. I have all but eliminated the Acer’s, HP’s, Dell’s, and other Asus netbooks for various reasons. So…what’s this gadget addict to do? Wait? The successor to the S101 is rumored to be revealed this week, and I’m sure additional new netbooks (T91, 101H – ASUS touch screen tablets) are just around the corner. I’d like to have one before we go to Italy in April, but this seems to put me on the edge of departing old and arriving new netbooks. Lastly, another latecomer to the gadget mix is getting an entry-level DSLR camera. Our wedding photos were amazing, and they beat anything I can do on my Sony CyberShot. Drop a comment if you’ve got some insights. Ciao!

UPDATE: 3/8/09 – I’ve decided to go with the NC-10. I know there’s a special edition that’s shipping now from Amazon, but I had some gift cards to JR, and I think I want the matte screen over the glossy. The larger trackpad on the special edition was tempting though…hopefully, it’ll come later this week. I think I still want a DSLR, though. Nikon D60 or Canon XS, anyone?

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Uh-oh, he’s finally done it.

One of my earliest Chanatown posts revolved around whether I would join Facebook or not.  Well, as of Friday, November 28, (that’s what happens when you get a 4-day weekend for Thanksgiving), I have officially joined the masses.  My current goal is to consolidate a bit.  I’ve looked into using FB status instead of Twitter, yet linking the two via Twitterfeed.  Hopefully, that will work, and I can then delete the Twitter apps on my iPhone.  So, here we go…13 friends and counting.  Oh, and thanks to ACL for reminding me NOT to have my address in my profile.

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100,000 miles and counting…down to the 2010 Prius.

Well, special thanks to T for taking this photo (along with several others – I was adamant about capturing the moment) of my Nissan Altima turning 100,000. This is the first car that I’ve owned (thanks to my ‘rents for some help as well) and I’m happy to see it make it this far. And since T and I are getting married this year, we’re going to have to hold out just a bit longer for a new car. This will hopefully coincide well with the new 2010 Prius to be released in the fall of 2009.

We drove a rental Prius on a recent trip to California. It’s pretty cool that they let you rent these cars, though once we were on the California roads, it seemed as if we were in the majority, rather than the minority. For all you gadget guys and gals, you’ll love the Prius. Seriously, I am sold. Before we rented one, I ordered brochures of cars I thought would be in the running for the Altima’s replacement: BMW 3-series, Acura TL, Infiniti G35, Lexus IS250, Honda Civic, and the Prius. I was awed by the Beamer’s “Ultimate Driving Machine” label, the TL’s all around performance, the G35’s style, the IS’s sportiness, and the Civic’s durability. Where the Prius lacked in these areas, it more than made up in terms of space, comfort, and gadgets! The Prius takes a bit of time to get used to visually. However, I suspect it’s one of those things that you end up either loving or hating.

I now heart the Prius. This came mostly after driving one for a few days. As I mentioned earlier, the Prius is essentially a gadget on wheels. I found it mesmerizing to watch the energy conversion and it seemed like I was playing a video game while driving as I saved more gas and strived for the high score in the MPG “game”. Add to that a navigation system, the nice interface with the CD/Radio on the dash, that quirky push button start, and the keyless entry systems, and you’ve got more gizmos in a car than any other one I’ve seen.

With regards to the 2010 design, I’m looking forward to the new styling (slightly bigger, yet less boxy), a stronger engine (1.6 L), and even better mileage (short of 100 mpg, I’m sure, but more than 40). I hope they don’t skimp on the gadgets as they move forward with the new line. Waiting list, here I come!

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The Hunt begins this week…an update on the search for the elusive air horn in Lakeview

T thinks that the air horn is part of the Air and Water Show that’s occurring this weekend. Never mind that the horn has been filling the air for the past few weeks (practice, she says). Pay no attention that we are 1/2 mile from the lake and farther from North Avenue Beach. What I’m most excited about is that she has agreed to go on a search this week for the source. On Monday or Tuesday, we will hop on our bikes, and ride around the neighborhood in the hopes of finding the person in charge of that air horn. Who knows what we’ll find when we meet the source? The days are numbered in terms of prize eligibility for my earlier post. If I find the horn, I’m treating myself to a slurpee.

ADD (8/19/08): It wasn’t the air and water show, as I hear it full blast today, Tuesday, August 19. Argh. T may have stumbled upon a big clue. Unfortunately, we hear the horn more during the day and have not noticed any sounds at night.

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Where is the air horn?

Ok, so I live in Lakeview, a neighborhood of Chicago in Illinois. I’m pretty close to Wrigley Field, and though the noise and traffic can be annoying at times, what’s been bothering me more lately has been the sound of an air horn. That’s right, for the past few weeks, T and I have heard an air horn being sounded every so often. It’s really bizarre. I’m guessing it’s a summer camp thing, but I am pondering taking the bike out for a spin one day and tracking it down, and perhaps, requesting a different sound. Anyways, if anyone reading this knows the source of the air horn, please feel free to leave a comment. I’m willing to offer a prize in exchange for this intelligence work. Thanks in advance!

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