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A new gadget on the horizon…

It’s about that time. A recent birthday has passed, and I haven’t purchased a major gadget since the iPhone 3G last July. That could be a record and a testament to how much I heart that thing. Anyways, netbooks have been on my radar, and the Samsung NC-10 seems to be at the top of the pack. A recent price drop on the ASUS S101 has brought that slim beauty to the forefront, but I’d be making some sacrifices (right shift key, smaller storage space, higher price) purely for looks. I have all but eliminated the Acer’s, HP’s, Dell’s, and other Asus netbooks for various reasons. So…what’s this gadget addict to do? Wait? The successor to the S101 is rumored to be revealed this week, and I’m sure additional new netbooks (T91, 101H – ASUS touch screen tablets) are just around the corner. I’d like to have one before we go to Italy in April, but this seems to put me on the edge of departing old and arriving new netbooks. Lastly, another latecomer to the gadget mix is getting an entry-level DSLR camera. Our wedding photos were amazing, and they beat anything I can do on my Sony CyberShot. Drop a comment if you’ve got some insights. Ciao!

UPDATE: 3/8/09 – I’ve decided to go with the NC-10. I know there’s a special edition that’s shipping now from Amazon, but I had some gift cards to JR, and I think I want the matte screen over the glossy. The larger trackpad on the special edition was tempting though…hopefully, it’ll come later this week. I think I still want a DSLR, though. Nikon D60 or Canon XS, anyone?


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  1. JonhT. says:

    After a few months of reading reviews about of all of the positives and negatives that come with netbooks, I decided that it was time to take the plunge and get the NC-10. This little bad boy is nice. Sleek, compact, fast and comfortable. The keyboard is absolutely perfect. All of your keys are there where they’re supposed to be. It feels completely natural when you’re typing. The screen is bright and crystal clear with keyboard buttons that let you adjust the brightness levels. The fan is extremely quiet and there is even a hot-key (shortcut) on your keyboard that lets you run it in silent mode (turns it off until it rises to a certain temperature) I’ve never had to use it because it’s perfectly quiet by default. This netbook is very speedy, boot up times are great and you can significantly improve them by removing McAfee and installing another virus protection software (I recommend Nod32). Bluetooth is an added bonus. I haven’t had any problems at all except for a slight adjustment to the small track pad. If you don’t mind carrying around a small bluetooth mouse with you, you can do that as well. The track pad really works great once you get the hang of it, but there was a learning curve for me.

    I couldn’t believe how long the battery lasts on this machine. I watched the clock when I first started using it and counted down six and a half hours before it got to thirty minutes left, then I charged it back up. Keep in mind that I was using the laptop the whole time, when I wasn’t on it I had downloads running, just to test how long it would last in use. I was worried about the screen size at first. I thought it would be too small and viewing websites would be a hassle. I thought wrong. The text isn’t too small and it does not hurt your eyes at all. My vision isn’t the greatest and I’m still able to view everything perfectly. A lot of people have recommended putting your browser in full screen mode to view things perfectly or hiding your start menu bar, but I’ve found it to be very nice the way it is. Can’t forget to mention the webcam either. It’s there if you ever need it and the picture quality is really good for 1.3 Megapixels. I’ve named her ‘Sammy’ (yeah, not very creative, I know). This netbook is a real eye catcher with the glossy black outside, simplistic ‘SAMSUNG’ logo on the front, nice shiny chrome trim around the outside and flashy blue LED lights on the front side. I’m glad I purchased this netbook, it was worth every penny! I just wish I would have gotten it sooner, now I can’t live without it.

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