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iPhone App review: Ruler Deluxe

Need a measuring tape on the spot? Try Ruler Deluxe. Review here.

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iPhone App review: BobbleBuddy

Bobbleheads on the iPhone! Create your own and share with others. Review here.

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iPhone App review: Organizer

A new and unique way of keeping track of appointments, to-dos, etc. More like a diary than a PIM solution. Review here.

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A new gadget on the horizon…

It’s about that time. A recent birthday has passed, and I haven’t purchased a major gadget since the iPhone 3G last July. That could be a record and a testament to how much I heart that thing. Anyways, netbooks have been on my radar, and the Samsung NC-10 seems to be at the top of the pack. A recent price drop on the ASUS S101 has brought that slim beauty to the forefront, but I’d be making some sacrifices (right shift key, smaller storage space, higher price) purely for looks. I have all but eliminated the Acer’s, HP’s, Dell’s, and other Asus netbooks for various reasons. So…what’s this gadget addict to do? Wait? The successor to the S101 is rumored to be revealed this week, and I’m sure additional new netbooks (T91, 101H – ASUS touch screen tablets) are just around the corner. I’d like to have one before we go to Italy in April, but this seems to put me on the edge of departing old and arriving new netbooks. Lastly, another latecomer to the gadget mix is getting an entry-level DSLR camera. Our wedding photos were amazing, and they beat anything I can do on my Sony CyberShot. Drop a comment if you’ve got some insights. Ciao!

UPDATE: 3/8/09 – I’ve decided to go with the NC-10. I know there’s a special edition that’s shipping now from Amazon, but I had some gift cards to JR, and I think I want the matte screen over the glossy. The larger trackpad on the special edition was tempting though…hopefully, it’ll come later this week. I think I still want a DSLR, though. Nikon D60 or Canon XS, anyone?

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