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Video Games Live!

Well, part of thanking my brother for standing at my wedding included 2 tickets to Video Games Live! on Saturday, November 15, 2008.

After a quick bite at the Potbelly’s across the street, we filed into the Congress Theater shortly after 7:30pm.  M mentioned that there would be some pre-show events, but all we saw were 2 demo stations, a few tables, and a long line waiting to buy t-shirts.  M picked up a Mario shirt, and we went to our seats.

The Metropolis Symphony Orchestra was positioned on stage, and there was a huge screen behind them.

Warning:  Spoilers Ahead.

One of the biggest highlights for me was the opening montage which was a brief history of video games on screen and the orchestra played along.  The crowd cheered for their favorite games, the largest applause usually coming for the nostalgic games such as Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, or Duck Hunt.  The remainder of the show centered around several popular pieces of video game music accompanied by cinematic scenes from those games.  Every 2-3 songs, there would be a special guest or a crowd interactive segment.

Another major crowd pleaser was the appearance of Martin Leung.  In case you missed the YouTube clip as I did, check out this dude on the piano pounding out the tunes of the Super Mario series.  Blindfolded no less!  I also liked the Guitar Hero segment where a contest winner came on stage and wowed the crowd with his skills.  Again, I liked the interactive segments better than the performances since I was not as familiar with the music.  Check out this bit of Ms. Pacman getting chased throughout New York City that they showed prior to the show.  Good stuff.

Overall, I enjoyed the show, and I know my brother, along with several hundred other spectators appreciated the concert more than I did.  Throughout the performance, I kept an open mind, appreciated the quality of the music, and the artistic vision that was involved with creating, promoting, and putting together this type of show.  I suppose this might explain the excess of guitar time that the emcee and creator (Tommy Tallarico) seemed to get on stage.  Someone seemed to be enjoying himself.  =)


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