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iPhone 2.2 Firmware Update Release Notes

Ah, the holidays are near, and what a nice treat before Turkey Day…an iPhone update.  Before we get to a view of the street via Google, let’s log in the update times:

As I posted with the 2.1 update, here are the details of my firmware update added in real time:

7:30am – I was actually able to sleep in for a bit.

8:05am – Plugged in phone, started iTunes (running iTunes on a PC)….Sync in Progress (remember when this would take over 30 minutes?)
8:11am – downloading 246.4 mb update (9 mb larger than 2.1) over cable modem (I’m still in awe over the number of updates that Apple is providing – I know that a lot of this should have been in the original firmware, but I’m still remembering the days of Windows Mobile where we waited years for 1 single update.)
8:18am – “Extracting software…”
8:19am – “Preparing iPhone for software update…” – a few bells and whistles on my PC, the iTunes/cable icon appears on my iPhone, followed by the white apple on black screen
8:26am – “An unknown error occurred.  Your iPhone cannot be synced now.”  Uh-oh…please don’t brick my iPhone…
8:29am – When in doubt, reboot.  I restarted iTunes, plugged in the iPhone and was prompted to do a Restore.  The message claimed that the new software will be installed as well.  Argh.  Thank goodness I did the backup prior to installing.  Make sure you do the same.  For reference, I was running Outlook and Firefox at the time the “unknown error” occurred, so perhaps these programs were running a little interference.
8:33am – “Preparing iPhone for restore”  – iTunes/cable gone, white apple on black screen, rebooting/restoring iPhone
8:41am – After 2 status bars of restore…”Restoring iPhone software…” – status bar also on iPhone under the white apple
8:46am – “Verifying iPhone software”
8:47am – “Restoring iPhone firmware”  (I hope it’s restoring 2.2…)
8:51am – “Your iPhone has been restored to its factory settings.”  Which ones???  As the iPhone reboots, I see an interesting screen that shows the iTunes/white cable, along with a “Slide for emergency” on the bottom flashing between different languages.  I’m tempted to slide, but I resist.  Next comes a “Waiting for activation” with the Earth in the background.  I must admit, these screens scare me a bit…
8:53am – “Restoring iPhone from backup…” iPhone is activated (on screen), checking settings…Version 2.2 (5G77), so that’s good news.  Now getting all of my info back…”Restore in Progress” on iPhone
9:00am – “Your iPhone has been restored.”
9:01am – “Sync in Progress”  – I’ll patiently wait for probably another 15 minutes.

All in all, the actual 2.2 update was installed in under 40 minutes, and that included a reboot and a restore, so I’m hoping your experience will be quicker and smoother.  After having several Windows Mobile phones, I’ve grown accustomed to expect glitches with technology, so the iPhone is not exempt from this.  I must say that I never really panicked nor had to consult outside sources when experiencing problems.  The iPhone (so far) has been able to recover or rebound on its own from any setbacks in installation or updates.

More details to come in edits about the actual update.  I’m most interested in improvements to Mail and the stability of Safari.  Google Street View doesn’t interest me as much.  It seems more gimmicky to me and not as useful.  I’ll still show it off, just as I do with Google Earth.

EDIT (11/22/08):  After trying to figure out where the heck it was (click on red man icon after dropping a pin), I concede that Google Street is indeed very cool and surprisingly stable and fast.  Speaking of fast, I am noticing that programs are opening quicker and menus are responding faster.  This is particularly true with the ones I use the most:  calendar, contacts, and mail.  Safari has not crashed on me yet, and contrary to what many are saying, I like the included search bar at the top.  I don’t need to see the web url nor edit it as much as I search, so I’m in favor of the change.  A nice compromise would be to include a setting that allows users to revert back to the original style.


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  1. John Nox says:

    I think the best buy Iphone 3g 16 gb. and install it on his software version 2.2. Its large
    touch screen and very comfortable realized sensory management. I bought a Iphone and happy!)

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