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It’s an App! A review of the Remember the Milk Native App for the iPhone

RTM splash

Well, it’s been a long time coming, and many RTM fans have been clamoring for a native app. Finally, the folks at Remember The Milk have obliged by releasing their native app (how did I go over a week without knowing?), and I must say that it was worth the wait. No doubt, I was tempted to purchase Appigo’s ToDo as many other RTM users have done, but knowing that RTM was in the process of making an app themselves, I decided to wait things out. Ever since getting the iPhone, I’ve been using the web application for RTM as my mobile to-do list. Obviously, this comes with its share of problems. As good as the web app is, the speed and functionality of the application largely depends on the speed of your connection, and things just were not that quick. That all changes with the new native app.

First Impressions

This week

The opening splash screeen is simple and attractive. Within a few seconds, you’re at the homepage which shows you your task counts for the week. On the bottom are buttons that let you quickly navigate to today’s, tomorrow’s or the week’s list of tasks. Plus, you can also see any lists that you’ve created to work on tasks there. This includes any smart lists that you’ve created, a feature that I believe might have been absent in Appigo’s ToDo. Under the “more” button, you can play around with your tags, locations, search, nearby, and settings, though I have not explored these in much detail yet. I’ll provide an update should any of these functions prove to be useful or of interest to me.

Today for you, Tomorrow for me

Today RTM

Navigating to today’s tasks, you have the option of marking tasks as complete, postponing them, adding new tasks, and refreshing tasks from this screen. You can also view tasks that are incomplete or those that have been marked as complete. This screen is the one I use the most, and I love how easy it is to mark tasks as complete or postpone them. On the web app, I felt that it took a while (mostly due to being web based) to just mark a task as complete, let alone change the date. With the native app, this feat is done in seconds. The overall feel of the RTM native app is very intuitive, and from my limited time with the program, I have been very pleased with its design. One of the reasons why I love the web version of RTM so much is the simple and elegant design of the application. RTM’s native app has carried over this design and translated it to the iPhone very effectively.

So, what are the drawbacks, and is this really a free app?

If you like RTM, then I am confident that you will be very satisfied with this app. I haven’t tested the application in places where I have limited connectivity. I have used it primarily in 3G and wireless coverage both with no problems whatsoever. Similar to other native apps that I have, I’m sure that if you are not connected, you will have a bit of a struggle accessing the app, but nowhere near the same trouble that you would have had if you were using the web based application.

I am a bit curious with how the application is priced and subsequently marketed. Now, I was already a RTM pro user (paying $25/year), and while I’d rather not have subscription based services (I’ve already got cable, a cell phone, phone landline, etc.), it looks like I will give RTM a hard earned $25 for another year of service. I won’t say that I’ll do this every year from here on out. I support their efforts and am willing to pay for future R&D, but $25/year is a bit steep, especially while there are plenty of other options (I’m not saying that they’re necessarily better) out there for free.

If you’re not a pro user, you get to use this app for free for 15 days. Thus, it’s either throw down $25 to continue using it or pay nothing for a teasing taste of the RTM life on the iPhone. Again, as a pro user, I was happy that I did not have to pay extra for the app. But, will the app successfully generate more pro accounts for RTM? That’s essentially what they’re banking on, so it’ll be interesting to follow their success with that. Understandably, some of the reviews in the iTunes store focus on this “tricky” price tactic and thus give the program a lowered star rating as a result. It’s too bad, since the application itself is very polished, so I hope the positive reviews (including this one) will allow this application to shine. Download it on iTunes here.


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  1. Mike says:

    Just created a similar posting where I compare the RTM native app with Appigo’s Todo, which I use since quite some time now. Here is the link:

    Best regards,


  2. DC says:


    Good comparison – nice blog. Thanks for letting me know!

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