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No Day But Today: Final Performance of Rent Filmed on Broadway

T and I saw Rent on Thursday at a local movie theater (Kerasotes City North 14). No, not that cheesy Chris Columbus version (can you imagine if the Harry Potter series kept him as its director?). Rather, this was the final live Broadway performance caught on film. Admittedly, T and I were a bit skeptical going into the evening. One of T’s friends from California gave us a bootleg tape of a Broadway show, and we were wondering if the quality of this movie version would be only a notch above. Thankfully, we were overwhelmingly surprised with the quality of the taping.

Sony’s The Hot Ticket filmed the performance with multiple cameras, and for someone who’s seen the musical numerous times, I was blown away at the amount of detail that was captured with the production. It was such a delight to see so many of the small nuances that you miss without the zooming capabilities of cameras, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have had some decent seats in both the touring production to Chicago, and my one viewing at the Nederlander on Broadway. The editing is fast, so it’s a challenge to keep up for a few of the numbers, but I felt that they did a great job of making you feel like you were at the theatre, right down to the 10-minute intermission. Our theater was sparsely populated, but we managed to get a decent amount of clapping during Angel’s solo, “La Vie Boheme”, and “Take Me or Leave Me”, and even some “moo”ing during Maureen’s solo. Plus, at the end, as I somewhat expected, we were treated to an encore of “Seasons of Love” by the entire cast along with notable alumni in attendance including Anthony Rapp and Jesse L. Martin.

If you’re reading this post currently, I highly recommend plunking down the $20 to see it this weekend (Sept.27-28). If you’re reading this later, stay tuned for the rumored release of the DVD, hopefully in early 2009.


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