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iPhone 2.1 Firmware Update Released

Well, it’s been awhile since I posted. I knew it was only a matter of time before I slacked off. However, I do have a good excuse (read: getting married), I promise! What better way to return to Chanatown than with an iPhone Firmware update! This time, only a 237 mb download. Thanks Apple!

As I posted with the 2.0.2 update, here are the details of my firmware update added in real time:

5:53am – I couldn’t sleep in – time to update my iPhone!
5:55am – Plugged in phone, started iTunes (running iTunes 8 on a PC)….waiting…waiting…why so slow, iTunes?
5:58am – iTunes error with database syncing. What?
5:59am – Windows Virtual Memory Low…ok, I know, I need a new computer. Back off, Apple fanatics – I’ve got a Macbook too…

6:16am – rebooted, still got the same database syncing error message, but iTunes recognized my iPhone, so whatever – here we go…
6:17am – downloading 237.8 mb update over cable modem
6:25am – “Extracting software…”
6:27am – “Backing up iPhone…”
6:29am – “Preparing iPhone for software update…” – a few bells and whistles on my PC, the iTunes/cable icon appears on my iPhone, followed by the white apple on black screen
6:39am – “Updating iPhone software…” – another bell on the PC, spinning circle on the iPhone
6:44am – “Verifying updated iPhone software…”
6:46am – “Updating iPhone firmware…”
6:50am – “Your iPhone has been updated.” message, iPhone restarts…bells on PC
6:52am – “Syncing iPhone…”, “iPhone is activated” mesage on phone, Sync in Progresss.
6:56am – Backup completed
6:58am – Completed sync of contacts and calendars

All done! Under 42 minutes from start to finish. I’m hooking up to my Macbook now to sync my music, photos, and apps. This was just a little bit longer than the 2.0.2 update (see below), notably during the “Preparing the iPhone” phase…I’ll post edits on the performance (I’ll be focusing on the contacts lag, email stability (particularly POP accounts), and overall “snappiness”) throughout the weekend.

EDIT (9/13): can’t send email via POP account, contacts are noticeably faster, and overall system is more stable. 3G bars seem more available.

2.0.2 update revisited:

7:18pm – Downloading file, cable modem connection
7:28pm – “Preparing iPhone for software update” – status bar on PC, white apple/black screen on iPhone
7:33pm – “Updating iPhone software” – status bar on PC, white apple/black screen on iPhone
7:36pm – “Verifying updated iPhone software” – status bar on PC, white apple/black screen on iPhone
7:37pm – “Updating iPhone firmware” – status bar on PC, white apple/black screen on iPhone, white spinning wheel (may have been there before, I didn’t notice)
7:42pm – “Your iPhone has been updated.” message, iPhone restarts…
7:43pm – Syncing iPhone on iTunes, backup (2 min), syncing contacts/calendars (2 min).
7:47pm – All done! Under 30 minutes from start to finish. I’m hooking up to my macbook now to sync my music and get some new apps! That’s right – 2 computers without a problem!

Hope this helped. I’ll post some obs about 2.0.2 later. In the meantime, leave a comment with your impressions of the update.

Initial Observations (as they come in):
Snappier response overall, especially in Mail. However, this could be due to the hard reset. Give it some time…

ADD (9:53pm): Still noticing faster response overall, switching apps, no lag on keyboard (I actually had a worse lag after 2.0.1 update it seemed), and mail is checking quickly. I have been strictly on WiFi and will test the 3G/EDGE waters tomorrow.

ADD (9/12): Well, there’s still the contacts lag, a bit of sluggishness with text messaging, and trouble with email (mainly POP). Here’s hoping the 2.1 update will finally address these issues.


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