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Fantasy Football iPhone apps review

If you’re a Fantasy Football junkie like me, you’re always looking for ways to improve your team (a.k.a. waiver wire pickups), and if you’re an iPhone addict like me, then you’re always looking for more ways to tweak your phone to do more and more (a.k.a. combing through the apps store).

Put those two together and you’ve got Fantasy Football iPhone apps. Do a quick iTunes search and you’ll find 3 applications at your disposal. I tried the two free ones, and will share my thoughts below:

Fantasy Football Cheatsheet is a nice little free app that helps you keep track of your draft as it is happening. You basically see rankings of all players, sortable by position (top 400), and you can change their status to drafted (either by your own team or someone else). At first I thought there would be the option to then keep track of your team during the season, but I did not find that option. In addition, I was unable to find any stats for players to use during the draft. This limited my use of this app during my actual draft. Perhaps, these features will be included in a future update. Honestly, if you’re doing your draft online (ESPN, Yahoo, etc.), the online draft programs can essentially do what this iPhone app does automatically. I suppose if you’re away from a computer, this app can help you keep track of who you have and who’s available. The interface is very nice, easy to use, and responsive. Thus, future updates may be promising.

Now, if you’re looking for a way to keep track of your fantasy players, you may not have to look further than an application that you probably already have as a sports fan.

Sportacular has proven to be the go-to free sports app for the iPhone. I had Sportstap and didn’t care for it that much (it might be better now after updates). I’ve been using Sportacular instead, and have been pleased with its interface. What I forgot about was the program’s built-in fantasy stats tracker.

taken from iTunes

taken from iTunes

As seen in the picture, you can insert your own team’s players through the “contacts” like interface. Everything was simple, fast, and responsive. The application reminded me of the fantasy football webapp that I’d briefly used previously, and the similar logos lead me to believe that they’re from the same company. Nevertheless, the Sportacular app provides stats (updated during the game, I believe) on your players, and I’m glad to see that it’s integrated in an application that I already have. Finally, you can add fantasy teams for multiple sports, so it’s not just for football. I’ll make additional edits as I play with this during the season. Either way, I highly recommend it to all sports fans and fantasy junkies alike.

Inviting comments: LT or AP for the #1 pick? Also, are you picking up 2 RB’s or RB/QB or WR with your first 2 picks?

EDIT (9/2):  Without WiFi access at a live draft tonight, I may be relying on the Cheatsheet iPhone app to help me out.  I’ll add an edit later to let you know how things go.
EDIT (9/3): Sure enough, the Cheatsheet iPhone app was a success.  If you have been keeping up enough to know about current injuries and do not need stats at your disposal, the app does a great job of keeping tabs on who’s been drafted (not to a specific team, except “your team” or “other team”) and who’s available, all sortable by ranking and position.  It proved very handy for me last night, and it “only” crashed 4 times during a 3 hour draft.
EDIT (9/14): Interestingly, I’m currently using ESPN Mobile more often than anything else. With 3G or a WiFi connection, it’s a pretty smooth website, and I find it very navigable and easy on the eyes. Since I have both of my teams through, it’s convenient. For those who do not, I’d still recommend Sportacular.

EDIT (11/9): It looks like there are a few additional apps that pop up from a “fantasy football” search in the iTunes app store.  Unfortunately, none of them seem to be generating any buzz, so I will stick with my recommendations as stated above.  Let me know if you have a positive experience with any of the new apps.


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  2. Brian says:

    I’m not sure if you are using yahoo for your league, but if so, they just released an app. I haven’t used it yet, so I have no idea if it is any good, but…

  3. DC says:

    Good call on the Yahoo app. I do have a league that uses Yahoo, so I can confirm that the app is solid and stable. For an ’09 season update, I used ESPN’s free Draft Kit App for this season’s live draft. It was a bit sluggish (they released an update after most drafts had taken place), but I liked the interface a lot and it helped me field a solid team (though they’re opening up the season a bit sluggishly).

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