Unless proven otherwise, this will be another blog that I’ll fail to update after a week or so.

The Hunt begins this week…an update on the search for the elusive air horn in Lakeview

T thinks that the air horn is part of the Air and Water Show that’s occurring this weekend. Never mind that the horn has been filling the air for the past few weeks (practice, she says). Pay no attention that we are 1/2 mile from the lake and farther from North Avenue Beach. What I’m most excited about is that she has agreed to go on a search this week for the source. On Monday or Tuesday, we will hop on our bikes, and ride around the neighborhood in the hopes of finding the person in charge of that air horn. Who knows what we’ll find when we meet the source? The days are numbered in terms of prize eligibility for my earlier post. If I find the horn, I’m treating myself to a slurpee.

ADD (8/19/08): It wasn’t the air and water show, as I hear it full blast today, Tuesday, August 19. Argh. T may have stumbled upon a big clue. Unfortunately, we hear the horn more during the day and have not noticed any sounds at night.


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