Unless proven otherwise, this will be another blog that I’ll fail to update after a week or so.

Dear iPhone apps developer,

I’m no software developer, but I’ve got some ideas on what would make for a fabulous application. Here’s one that I’d like to share. If you do end up making a lot of money on this, feel free to throw a few bones my way.

Program Name: “Profiles”

When I had my Windows Mobile device (Samsung i760), there was a program called phonealarm that handled some of the shortcomings of the phone application for the WM platform. Although the program had a gazillion options, one of the most useful ones and one that was also available with a program called SPB Phone Suite, was the ability to setup phone profiles. If I was in the library, I could toggle a “silent” profile, and this would set all of my noise making alarms or notifications to vibrate or silent.

On the iPhone, there is a major problem area that this type of app can help address: battery life. You see, in order to conserve battery life, Apple offers suggestions like “Turn off 3G”, “Disable Location Services”, or “Turn off WiFi”. Well, this is fine and dandy, but if you ask me, if I turn off all of those items, don’t I just have a cool looking iPod? Granted, there are times when I’m at a WiFi cafe and don’t need 3G. Or times, when I’m on the road and don’t need WiFi. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could easily select which settings I need on and off, or better yet, the phone could automatically schedule them?

Taking a page out of the phonealarm playbook, here’s an example of what I’m suggesting: I’m at home typing a post on my blog. I will have my “Profiles” app set to “Home”. This will toggle WiFi on, 3G disabled, Location Services disabled, Fetch email to manual (I’m at home, remember), Push mail to off, and Bluetooth to off. Suddenly, I have to take a trip to the local grocery store. I set my “Profiles” app to “Car” or “Moped” if you will, and it will automatically toggle WiFi off, 3G enabled, Location Services enabled, Fetch every 30 min, Push to on, and Bluetooth to on. An example of an automatic scheduling setting would be every time an meeting on the calendar is encountered, “Profiles” automatically changes to the “Meeting” setting. This would mean: Ringer set to silent/vibrate, Location Services disabled, Bluetooth off, etc. Just like phonealarm, the customization is nearly limitless.

So, there you have it. My pitch for an app called “Profiles”. I apologize if you found this post thinking that such an app exists. If it does, let me know. And if it doesn’t and you end up making it, don’t forget where you got the idea from…


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