Unless proven otherwise, this will be another blog that I’ll fail to update after a week or so.

My next iPhone app should be…

In order to drum up some comments and assure me that people are indeed reading this blog, I’m offering a prize to whoever steers me towards my next iPhone app download. You’ve read my posts, you know what I’m looking for, or you’ve got a favorite app that you just have to talk about. Leave me a comment, and the poster whose app I pick may be the first winner of a prize! However, if someone does reveal where that blessed air horn is coming from, he/she may win the first prize instead. Good luck!


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4 Responses

  1. Larry W. says:

    Shazam rules… you’re listening to the radio thinking you want to download and/or buy the song but you have no clue what it is. Bam – here comes Shazam. Just bust our your iPhone and start the app. Within a minute it tells you the artist, song title, album and gives you a chance to buy it on iTunes.

    It’s about 15 for 15 on my ride to and from work thus far.

  2. chanatown says:

    Thanks for the recommendation Larry W. Interestingly enough, Shazam was one of the first apps that I downloaded. I even researched it prior to getting an iPhone. Haven’t had to use it too much, but love it nonetheless. Good call, but give me another suggestion to be eligible for a prize. Best, DC

  3. Derrick says:

    I’m not exactly sure what apps you like. I’ve found quite a few that are really useful. As mentioned by Larry W, Shazam is pretty cool, although their Terms and Conditions have scared me to the point I’m not using it much anymore. Here are a few of my other favs:
    Eventful – find concerts, comedy shows, ice cream socials, etc in your area
    Wikipanion – really nice (FREE) wikipedia search app
    Koi Pond – serves no real purpose except to amaze those who want an iPhone. It is really a very beautifully done app.
    Bookmarks – a free way to get to your bookmarks. Needs a search and it’s good as gold.
    GeoPedia – It doesn’t get great reviews but I have found some really cool places close to me from this app. It searchs Wikipedia for articles that mentions places close to your geographic location.

    I hope these give you a few to play with. Great blog BTW.

  4. DC says:

    Nice comment, Derrick. I’ll be checking out these apps tonight and will post my results. I’ve been eyeing Koi Pond, so you may have just given me my first paid app! DC

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