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Contour Hardskin w/ Power Support Screen Protector – iPhone case review

After standing in line for 1.5 hours, and then shelling out $300 for the 8gb iPhone, I knew I had to explore my options with regards to protecting the gadget to rule all gadgets. Now, there are several camps that you could find yourself in when it comes to cases.

1) Naked

A purist, or a nudist, I suppose. You’re going “naked” by not protecting your iPhone at all. Experience the device in its entirety, but run the risk of seeing smudges, scratches, and (gasp!) damage to your $300 purchase.

2) Full Body Skin

The “condom” of the iPhone protection schemes. I know very little about these, but was pretty impressed with the youtube video that Zagg had with its InvisibleShield product. My only issue is how easy it is to install the skin and how easy it would be to remove (for the record, the company claims that the skin leaves no residue).

3) Case

This has been my method of choice for most of my gadgets, including 3 generations of iPods. After several hours of research, I chose to go with the Contour Hardskin. Granted, the iPhone has only been out for a month, so all 3G cases are early releases and have potential for flaws. Case in point: the Hardskin has a major flaw in that once you toggle the silent/vibrate switch, it becomes nearly impossible to toggle back unless you open the case. Another issue is that the case did not come with a screen protector. Besides those 2 issues, I love the case. The grip is improved, the weight is very slightly increased, and the form factor is beautiful in my opinion. Also, I emailed the company about the major flaw and received a response within one day. They said that they were aware of the flaw, have ordered new cases that address the issue, and would send me a replacement once they arrived (within 3-4 weeks). I’ll believe it when I see it, and then I’ll give the case my whole hearted approval.

4) Screen protector

As noted above, the Contour Hardskin did not come with a screen protector, and the Apple Stores (both on Michigan Avenue and at Old Orchard) near me were out of stock, so I waited a bit and went “naked” for a good week and a half. The glass screen was nice and responsive to the touch, but I did get tired of the smudges. After another few hours of research, I opted for the Power Support Anti-Glare Screen Protector. I’ve had some experience applying screen protectors, so I went in prepared (gloves, dust-free area, and everything in one place). The process was pretty straight-forward; I did have a tiny bubble, but I knew it was not a dust particle. Interestingly, the instructions claimed that small bubbles that are not due to dust will disappear after awhile, and sure enough, 2 hours later, the bubble magically disappeared. My screen is now fully protected, the ends of the protector are unseen due to the case, and there is no loss of responsiveness. As far as screen protectors go, this one is top notch, and I’m completely satisfied.

So, that’s what I’ve got – Contour Hardskin with Crystal Support Anti-Glare – for now. I’ve got my eye on the Xylo T3 (“naked” case with screen protector built in), along with future cases that might prove to be better than what I have. Give me a year, and I’m sure I’ll be ready for a different look. Perhaps, a full body skin to give my iPhone a rebirth? Ok, now I’m getting a bit carried away.

ADD (8/28): Thanks for reading all the way down here. So, I just realized that the anti-glare film set came with 2 protectors, and I only need one. So…I am offering the extra protector to you for FREE…if you also happen to like Barack Obama. You see, my fundraising page is off to a slow start. If you’re willing to make a contribution ($5 or more) to my Obama fund, I will send you the brand new screen protector for FREE. It’ll even include the original packaging! Please email your name/address after you make your contribution so I can send you your free gift. If you contribute more than $5, I’ll throw in an extra special prize!


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  2. redmangowriters says:

    I’ve just got one of these contour iphone case and can’t believe it’s taken so long to get one. My phone is scratched underneath but now it’s like a new phone 🙂 🙂 🙂

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