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Bug Fixed! New calendar items can sync from iPhone to MS Outlook.

Quick note: I am happy to report that the iPhone can now sync correctly with MS Outlook completely.

Before iTunes 7.7.1 and iPhone 2.0.1, I had to enter calendar events on my iPhone as recurring events with repeat forever set and the same day as the end date. With the above mentioned updates, the workaround is needed no more. Events on the iPhone calendar will now sync (as they should have from day one) with MS Outlook without recurrence. Let me know if you are having a different experience or need help with the setup.


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5 Responses

  1. Josh says:


    I just got the new iphone 3g and it syncs fine with my Outlook 2003 contacts but not at all with my calandar. I followed all the suggestions at (except syncing it with a new windows usser) but to no avail. Any thoughts?



  2. hassan says:

    evry time i try to install a game i get a msg sayn the apple id or aol screen name couldnt b founfor your password how can i get anew one

  3. chanatown says:

    @josh, I emailed you specific suggestions. Let us know if anything worked out.

    @hassan, is this for all apps? did you switch from aol? more details, and i’ll try to research it…

  4. Glenda says:

    I am extremely frustrated as I have lost so much over and over again that I am now afraid to even try to back it up. When it gives me the option to “merge” it does not allow me to look at the conflicts and then many appt. are missing. I have tried a variety of fixes.

    I am using XP with Outlook 2007 with a version 3.0.1 iPhone and the latest version of iTunes.

  5. marco says:

    Hi, my iPhone 1st generation 8GB, syncs fine with Outlook 2007, but calendar items I enter in Iphone are not synct to Outlook…

    Hope someone can help me…

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