Unless proven otherwise, this will be another blog that I’ll fail to update after a week or so.

iPhone 2.0.1 firmware update

After spending a lot of time looking for everyone’s observations on the new update, I thought it would be useful to leave some of my own here.

Snappy- the phone does seem more responsive and switching between menus or programs has been a bit quicker.

Contacts and calendars- I still have a lag when I try to open these. This could be due to the fact that I have over 700 contacts and a calendar that includes many recurring events.

Wifi/safari- I feel that browsing has been faster over wifi and so far I haven’t noticed interference with my home network. I discovered this yesterday that the iPhone was causing my network to be disrupted when I left it on wifi.

Keyboard- I feel that it’s pretty snappy, but I’m only 2 weeks into the iPhone so I may not need be the best judge. As an aside, I am truly astonished how quickly I’ve adapted from my windows mobile tactile keyboard. That was a major concern, but no longer. I actually enjoy typing on the iPhone and I am very impressed with the corrective text mechanism.

Email- I also noticed that checking email is quicker. My iPhone would seem to hang for a bit whenever it was checking for mail initially.

I’ll add more as I see of, specifically anything about 3g reception and gps. Things may change quite a bit when I go outside and off my wifi.

Add: the fix didn’t correct my apps update problem. All of my apps are up to date. Why the one? I’ll probably delete and reinstall.

ADD (8/13/08): Battery life seems to have been improved, but I have not done any extensive testing.


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